14 Unfortunate Days But Make It Funny

Have you ever happened to be in an unfortunate situation, but the only thing left to do was laugh about it?

Then, you know how this works. People who see the worst events as something positive in the end should be saved at all costs!

Viral Strange has collected 14 pictures of unfortunate days that people have gone through, but their optimism has triumphed! Let’s laugh.

1. Oh, no…

© predatorhistorian/Imgur

2. Maybe she just wanted to surf

© u/Ryan0617/Reddit

3. This is what defeat looks like.

© u/spklovestheusa/Reddit

4. My buddy traveled across the country to visit me last weekend. Unfortunately, he got stuck in his hotel shower for 3 hours.

© wilsononreddit/Reddit

5. When the crash steals your face

© AllParasail/Reddit

6. My fortune cookie had no fortune

© fajitanado/Reddit

7. Delaying the inevitable

© XyloPiano/Reddit

8. We live on a ranch and my kids have a bad habit of leaving the front door open.

© practiced/Reddit

9. They look dry enough

© GallowBoob/Reddit

10. I just wanted a midnight snack…

© MightySuperNoodle/Reddit

11. My Halloween decorations got eaten by a moose this morning.

© spenardagain/Reddit

12. Out in the nature

© GrinGoPsixoPat/Pikabu

13. My cat is grounded indefinitely (Context: Jamie is the cat)

© kCrankasaurusRexx/Reddit

14. I am not a smart man.

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