Sam Elliott lauds his older daughter’s beauty in front of the crowd: “She is still my world”

After being nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award, Sam Elliott, at 78, received a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award on February 26, 2023. The “1883” star attended the awards event with his 39-year-old wife.

Katharine Ross was tearful as she stood by her husband’s side to celebrate his momentous triumph. They’d arrived together and walked the red carpet as a couple before the event began, and Sam was honored for his performance in “1883” as Outstanding Performance in a Television Movie or Limited Series.

Ross’s wife gave an emotional acceptance speech in which she said that the award was “the most important recognition” of his 55-year acting career. He also expressed gratitude to his fellow nominees, and co-stars, Taylor Sheridan, and Ross, saying:

“Thank you to my lovely wife, Katharine.” “My constant companion and the mother of our beautiful baby.”

Cleo Rose Elliott, Sam and Ross’s only child and daughter, took to Instagram to celebrate her father’s victory. She posted a photo of her parents kissing at the awards ceremony, as Ross looked fondly up at her husband, and wrote:

“You deserve it, Dad!”

The “Big Lebowski” actor became a parent late in life, when his wife gave birth to their daughter at the age of 50. He took parenting so seriously that he made a significant adjustment in his life.

Sam said in 2015 that he met his wife on the set of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” However, he admitted that he lacked the courage to approach her at the time because she was the film’s leading lady.

He felt unworthy since he was only an extra in a bar scene. They got another chance to meet in 1978, when they appeared on “The Legacy” for the first time and interacted for the first time, realizing they shared a “similar sensibility.”

Ross said in 2017 that Sam grew up in Sacramento while she grew up in Walnut Creek.  It was amusing for the actress that they were barely 80 miles apart but only met in London when filming “The Legacy.”

When asked if she liked her husband because of his mustache, baritone, or rugged cowboy appearance, Ross chuckled and answered, “All of those things and more! She claimed they met while working together, and one thing led to another until they married in 1984, when they were in their forties.

Sam almost turned down a role in “Mask” in 1985 since he and Ross were on their honeymoon in Maui at the time casting began. The actor informed his agency he couldn’t come, but his wife called back and said he’d be there in time for the shoot.

For decades, the “The Graduate” actress and her husband had a secluded existence together on three acres of land. According to a 1986 story, Sam was dedicated to his wife, and by that year, when Ross was 45, they had Cleo, then two.

Cleo [Rose Elliott] had always seen herself as a singer, and both her parents [Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross] had always fostered her dream of being a musician.

He was 40 years old when he married and had his first and only child. Ross was starring on “The Colbys” when Cleo was a newborn, and her father declined to take on series work because neither he nor his wife wanted their daughter to be reared by someone else.

By 2023, the couple’s daughter had grown up and resembled her mother. She and Sam have a strong friendship that has lasted throughout the years, and they are highly supportive of one another.

Cleo was 18 when she mentioned wanting to be a musician, and Sam replied he’d support her, since how couldn’t he? Ross felt the same way, but Cleo’s father also mentioned how being an actor offered him insight into what she’d faced, and it wasn’t all pleasant.

Being an only child, the stars’ daughter began to play the guitar and the flute at school in 2008. Cleo had always seen herself as a vocalist, and both of her parents had always encouraged her dream of being a musician.

Sam’s daughter was 32 when she realized her dream of becoming a successful artist. Ross’s spouse admitted that he enjoyed spending time with his daughter, regardless of what they were doing at the moment.

He did, however, express a preference for taking walks with his daughter along the beach near his Malibu home. The father-daughter duo would go rock hunting together, with him saying, “On being a father:

“I have one kid, whom I adore more than anybody else on the planet.” That is where my universe exists.”


Sam also admitted that he adored being a parent and that it was more rewarding for him than anything else in his life. Despite the fact that his daughter is an adult who will turn 38 in September 2023, the actor, who has only been married once in his life, claimed that fatherhood completed him.

As shown in their most recent images, Cleo and her father have both aged nicely. One of their photographs together was shot in 2007 at a movie premiere; in 2017, they appeared again together at the premiere of “The Hero,” and in February 2023, the singer unveiled her current look on her Instagram account.