A youngster pays $2 for a picture only to discover its true worth

Stephen Padlo of Upper Pittsgrove, New Jersey, was one of Antiques Roadshow’s youngest “up-and-coming collectors” they’d ever encountered.

It’s not a display we generally associate with children, but it was evident that this adolescent was overjoyed to show off his prize.

According to, Stephen’s father Frank stated that the duo had previously attended exhibition events in other locations, but this was the first time Stephen requested to be photographed with one of his treasures. If you watch the program, you know that some of the surprises may be devastating when someone discovers their “prize” is worth nothing.

This time, Stephen approached the evaluation table across from David Weiss in Richmond, Virginia, with a picture he had bought at an auction for $2.

But the people on the show weren’t simply making fun of him.

The show usually features average individuals who bring in family heirlooms and yard sale treasures for expert appraisals (though some are more serious collectors) and are anxious to hear if they’ve “hit gold.”

Stephen and his father, Frank, were lucky enough to obtain tickets to the Virginia stop, resulting in a road trip. People will go to tremendous lengths to appear on the program, after all.

Stephen met Weiss, an appraiser from the Philadelphia auction company Freeman’s, there.

We must admit that we were impressed with how polite he was to the young man. He was never condescending, and he addressed Stephen like he would any other visitor.

Stephen, too, rose to the occasion.

He’s a really confident child!

“You’ve got to be the youngest collector I’ve ever seen,” Weiss remarks at one point.

“I must be,” the adolescent responds.

“You like buying and selling things?” Weiss asks.

“Huge time,” says Stephen.

Additionally, the adolescent didn’t buy the painting just once. He collects glass, sterling silver, and various works of art!

This specific work of art caught his eye at a large auction.

“This artwork was discovered at an auction in South Jersey,” he said. “It was so hot there that my dad didn’t want to remain to get it, but I did, so we waited about an hour, and I got it for two bucks.”

The wait is worthwhile.
When Stephen picked up the painting that day, he had a keen eye.

Weiss informed him that the artwork was most likely created in the late 1800s.

As you can see, it shows a woman sewing, knitting, or fixing something around the house while a child with a toy looks on. It’s a simple domestic setting.

The biggest hint to its origins, though, is a small signature that says “Albert Neuhuys” in the corner.

Neuhuys was a painter from the Netherlands who lived from 1844 to 1914.

In his day, he was well known for painting domestic settings with peasants as his subjects. He frequently drew the families of local farmers and weavers.

Weiss informed Stephen that it was a fantastic find and hinted at a prospective career as an art collector.

“I believe you have a promising career as an art trader. “You should keep going,” he advised the youngster.

But how much is it worth?
The artist frequently created duplicates of his watercolors, with just a handful of them being “one of a kind.”

Whatever study he performed before the presentation convinced him that the artwork was still a worthy purchase, potentially worth $150.

When Weiss tells him it’s worth more than that, he’s on the edge of his seat.

In the video below, Stephen’s response (particularly his “mind-blowing” fist pump) is a must-see.

Yet, needless to say, he’s taken aback by her true worth.
“Whoa!” is all he can say.

Scroll down to see the whole thing unfold. It’s a fantastic clip!


The video of little boy meeting for the first time his newborn sister melts over 12M viewers’ hearts

The Maltbie Bunch uploads family videos to YouTube for everyone to watch. They have a whopping 48K subscribers, which is rather astounding. These movies include family events, excursions, games, and even anecdotes about mom’s pregnancy.

This one was when she gave birth to Harper Rose. Their son, Brayden, is featured in the video, and he is ready to see his newborn sister for the first time. And he was ecstatic about it as well!
He’s carrying flowers and a balloon!
Dad summons Brayden, who has been waiting in another room, and the two proceed to where mom and baby Harper are resting.

Dad inquires,

“Would you like to meet your new sister?”

which Brayden responds with,

“I can hardly wait!”

He’s a nice child.
The sound of a sobbing infant fills the air as they approach the room, and Dad informs him that what he is hearing is his newborn sister. Dad and Brayden go into the room. Harper’s sobs are immediately silenced when Brayden sees her for the first time. Perhaps she was aware that her older brother was present.

Brayden is powerless to stop himself.
The little boy starts tearing up, and he’s not even covering it. He still has a charming smile on his face. Brayden is completely immersed in the present. It is the beauty of life.

Mom is weeping now!
It spreads like wildfire. The overpowering sensation of affection spreads, especially among family members. They had just welcomed their newest member, and everyone is overjoyed. Let it all hang out, boys!

You as well, Dad!
Brayden gets closer to gaze at his newborn sister. Mom also reaches out to embrace and kiss him. It’s a wonderful moment, and young Harper is just standing there, unaware that she’s the reason for it.

Infants have this amazing influence.
Mom stretches her arm out, allowing Brayden to lean in for his first kiss. This is one fantastic big brother. That is what he will be. He will always have his sister’s back. Brayden, your bodyguard!

Take a look at Harper’s little feet! So little, yet already leaving a mark on everyone’s hearts. They are also permanent prints. Brayden, consider this your first tattoo! There’s more to it than that.

Tears of joy!
On that day, in room 2405, a big brother cried with delight. And since he did, mom and dad did as well. It’s a very great moment to witness knowing that they are a close-knit family that prioritizes themselves above all else. That is exactly as it should be.

In this video, Brayden was six years old.
That makes him 8 now, and Harper Rose is 2. She can now speak and play with her older brother. Brayden is undoubtedly gentle with her. He probably sneaks in a few pinches and squeezes here and there, along with a few kisses. Perhaps quite a bit.

Harper doesn’t seem to mind.
The reason for this is that the more care and affection newborns receive as they grow older, the more they trust their parents and siblings. An invisible force keeps families together. People are always thrilled when they perform physical gestures of affection. Consider what it can do for a child or a toddler who has their entire life ahead of them.

Brayden made an excellent first impression! Check out the video below to see for yourself!


Sam Elliott lauds his older daughter’s beauty in front of the crowd: “She is still my world”


Inside the love story of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, the couple that managed to remain together for 50 years

Several golden couples have come and gone in Hollywood. Such examples are Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart; Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner; and Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio.

Yet, when it comes to iconic celebrity couples, the late Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, now 92, must be included.

Paul and Joanne married in 1958 and remained together until Newman died in 2008 at the age of 83. Joanne and Paul were married for 50 years, appearing in films, traveling, and raising a family.

But did you know that when Woodward and her future husband first met, she wasn’t impressed?

Paul Newman is one of his generation’s most beloved actors and entertainers. With Joanne Woodward, they were a timeless golden Hollywood couple.

Many may believe that Newman was the sole focus of the relationship. Yet Joanne Woodward has had a brilliant career, collecting several honors and shining brightly among Hollywood’s biggest and brightest performers.

She was well-known for her believable and fantastic performances in cinema, theater, and television. Joanne separated herself from other actors in 1950s Hollywood by playing strong and independent characters rather than the numerous hapless ones that were frequently assigned to women at the time.
Joanne Woodward was born in Thomasville, Georgia, on February 27, 1930.

Joanne attended Greenville High School in Greenville, South Carolina, and while still a youngster, she won numerous beauty pageants.

Her acting career began in high school, when she appeared in a number of theater shows.

In The Glass Menagerie, she played Laura Wingfield. In the 1970s, she went back to Greenville to play Amanda Wingfield in the same play.

Joanne returned to Greenville in 1955, at the age of 25, for the opening of her debut film, “Count Three and Pray.”

Joanne relocated to Louisiana after graduating from high school, where she studied acting at Louisiana State University. She later went to New York City and performed on stage.

Joanne’s decision to visit New York proved to be a wise one. In 1953, she met Paul Newman, who would become her future husband.

Newman was married to his first wife, Jackie Witte, at the time.

Joanne had recently graduated from Louisiana State University and was working as an understudy in the Broadway production of Picnic. Newman was featured in the program, and there were bound to be romantic sparks.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward discussed their first date on “Today” many years ago.

It was a hot summer day, and Newman was dressed in a seersucker suit, not sweating and looking like an “ice cream ad,” according to Joanne.

“I felt hot and sweating, and my hair was all stringy around my neck,” Joanne explained afterward.

She also said that she wasn’t initially interested, but Newman was. Joanne was an “extraordinarily attractive girl,” and Newman couldn’t get her off his mind.

Marian Edelman Borden recalled in her biography of Newman that Woodard said:

“I despised him at first sight, but he was so hilarious, attractive, and tidy.”

It would take Newman and Woodward four years to take it to the next level. They were buddies from the minute they met, but things changed when they co-starred in The Long, Hot Summer (1957).

Shortly after finishing The Long, Hot Summer, Newman divorced his wife Jackie. The couple shared three children.

Paul married Joanne on January 29, 1858, shortly after his divorce from Jackie.

Joanne and Paul married in Las Vegas and honeymooned throughout Europe.

The press couldn’t get enough of the newlywed Hollywood stars. Journalists followed the two on their honeymoon, making them a popular celebrity couple among the general public.

It was the start of a joyful, fascinating, and fantastic love story.

Paul and Joanne moved into their 18th-century Connecticut farmhouse after a six-week honeymoon.

Joanna told the Daily News in 2001 that the decision to go to the house rather than Los Angeles was critical to their marriage.

“We were never celebrities. We simply prefer it here. “It also helped that we always enjoyed each other’s company,” Joanne said.

1958 would also be remembered as the year that immortalized Woodward in Hollywood. She won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in The Three Faces of Eve, and she was nominated for another in 1969 for her work in Rachel, Rachel. The latter was directed by Paul Newman.

She was then nominated for an Oscar Award for Best Actress for Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams in 1974, and Mr. & Mrs. Bridge in 1991.

Her spouse went on to win the Oscar for best actor. He won it in 1987 for his performance in “The Color of Money.”

Woodward also won two Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actress in Do You Remember Love (1978) and See How She Runs (1978). (1985). She was nominated five more times.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a well-known monument in Hollywood, with hundreds of stars awarded to actors, filmmakers, and artists.

So who was the first to be named after the ancient walkway? Yeah, you guessed correctly. According to history, Joanne Woodward received her star during the formal groundbreaking event on Feb. 9, 1960.

Paul Newman and Joanna Woodward chose to raise their family in Connecticut, away from the hectic pace of Hollywood.

Clea, 55, spoke about her mother in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“My mom was really ahead of her time,” she recalls. “She was in women’s liberation before it was cool, and she was a hands-on mother; when I was a baby, she breastfed me on set.” She’d stop filming in the middle of a scene and say, “Sorry, I have to feed the baby.”

Paul had three children from his previous marriage: Scott (born in 1950), Susan (born in 1953), and Stephanie Kendall (born in 1954).

In 1975, the family experienced a devastating loss when Scott died of a heroin overdose following a motorcycle accident.

Paul founded the Scott Newman Center five years later. Its mission is to teach youngsters about the hazards of alc*hol and dr*g use.

Nothing you can say will make my guilt about Scott go away. “That will be with me for the rest of my life,” Paul Newman stated when his son died, according to The Times.

Joanne was the mother of three girls. Ellinor Teresa (born 1959), Melissa Stewart (born 1961), and Claire Olivia are three sisters (born 1965).

Melissa participated in various TV programs as a youngster, as well as the film Mr. & Mrs. Bridge (1990), which also starred her parents.

In Connecticut, Joanne and Paul continued to have a lovely life together.

Many people liked how well they worked together, and actor Liev Schreiber told a touching story about how deeply in love they were even after 40 years of marriage.

That happened while he was working on the film Twilight (1998), and Joanne was on set.

“He threw his arm around my shoulder and asked, “Would you look at her ass?” That struck me as the ideal connection. “I love the idea of an 80-year-old man still loving his wife’s a$$,” Schreiber told Elle.

Despite their age, Paul and Joanne never slowed down. She was the creative director of the Westport Country Playhouse in Connecticut from 2001 to 2005, and she co-starred in the TV series Empire Falls alongside her husband.

Sadly, the love story came to an end in 2008, after 50 years of marriage.

Paul Newman died in 2008 at the age of 83, following a battle with cancer. The renowned Butch Cassidy actor was recognized and lauded by the film industry.

Upon her loving husband’s death, the Newman estate was bequeathed to Joanne and several organizations.

Joanne and Paul were one of Hollywood’s true golden couples, with such a lengthy and happy marriage being unusual in the industry.

The pair kept their love for each other humorous and were recognized for their commitment to politics and charity while managing their jobs and families.

In addition, the pair founded the well-known salad dressing company Newman’s Own, which donates 100% of its profits to charity.

“They had the love of newlyweds,” said family friend Bob Forrester of the pair. “Even after 50 years of marriage, when I would go with him all over the world, the instant the plane arrived, Paul would phone Joanne and say, ‘I love you,’” she says. She was his entire world. “They have a soul connection.”

Upon her loving husband’s death, the Newman estate was bequeathed to Joanne and several organizations.

According to Joanne, their marriage’s success was rather straightforward.

“We could talk to each other and tell each other everything without fear of scorn or rejection.” “There was trust,” she explained to Honey Nine.

Clea, the daughter, spoke to the Daily Mail about her mother, Joanne, who is now 92 years old, and how they resemble each other.

“I wish I had my mother’s skin,” she commented. “I’ve got more wrinkles than she does, and she’s 86!” Her skin is irritating because it is so gorgeous. Yet she was sunblocking long before sunblock existed. “I’ve never seen her without a hat in the sun.”

Three years ago, it was revealed that Ethan Hawke would make a documentary on Joanne and Paul’s lives and achievements. According to Deadline, the family has given its OK.

Hawke promises a “unique and exclusive look at both performers’ careers and a complex 50-year relationship that eventually managed to conquer extraordinary odds” in a statement.

Joanna Woodward has retired from acting as of 2023. The 92-year-old provided the voice of Doris in 2013’s Lucky Them, but she has had no acting credits since.

The legendary actress has not been seen in public since 2013, and there are media claims that she is battling a serious health problem.

Woodward is battling Alzheimer’s disease, according to Closer Magazine. According to USA Today, Joanne was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, only days before Paul Newman was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

When Ethan Hawke’s intimate six-part docuseries on Woodward and Newman appeared in 2022, Joanne was thrust back into the spotlight.

Joanne should be able to appreciate it.

“That’s why the family asked me to do it now,” Hawke said in 2020, before adding:

“They wanted it to come out while she’s still alive and can see this, to encourage her.”

According to Closer, Joanne Woodward still resides in the Connecticut house where her husband died in 2008 at the age of 83.

Joanna Woodward and Paul Newman’s love story is very unique. We’re overjoyed that they were able to spend more than 50 years together. The world may never see another golden Hollywood pair like them again.


NCIS’s Ducky, David McCallum, recently celebrated his 55th wedding anniversary with his wife, with whom he is able to dance “for hours…”

David McCallum and his wife celebrate 55 years of marital happiness, an achievement that is really remarkable, particularly in the entertainment industry like Hollywood. On the other hand, McCallum had been married for a decade when he began dating Carpenter.

McCallum and his first Wife’s marriage was dissolved as a result of Charles Brosnan’s involvement with Ireland, who he developed romantic feelings for.

When asked how he felt about the situation, McCallum said that he was not furious at Brosnan for pulling Ireland away from him and that he was delighted that they had found love in one another.  Additionally, he was successful in finding his happily ever after.

McCallum and Carpenter first crossed paths in the same year that McCallum was going through his divorce from Ireland. The two people began dating not long after their first encounter, indicating that they had an instant like to one another, so, the pair decided to be married.

On his many social media platforms, McCallum has not been bashful about posting photographs of his wife on these platforms. He posts pictures on social media to commemorate significant events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Even though McCallum was 11 years older than Carpenter at the time, they did not allow the age difference prevent them from falling in love. She now volunteers her time to assist McCallum in his charitable initiatives and focuses on raising her lovely family.

Parenthood is one of the many rewarding experiences that McCallum and Carpenter have had together throughout the course of their lives. Sophie and Peter are Carpenter and McCallum’s children.

Because of the circumstances under which it began, many people had their doubts about McCallum and Carpenter’s relationship before they were married.

This was the case because of the timespan. When they first started dating, McCallum was still married to his previous partner. Even though they were both in the process of filing for divorce, McCallum and Ireland did not end their marriage.

Additionally, McCallum and Ireland had three children together, all of whom have caused others to express worry about their father’s current relationship.

Despite this, the pair maintained their connection without giving any consideration to what other people may think. McCallum’s divorce from Ireland was finalized in 1967, two years after the pair had first met, and it was then that McCallum proposed to Carpenter.

McCallum and Carpenter are still very much in love with one another, despite the fact that some fans believe their relationship to be weird. McCallum and Carpenter were accustomed to being separated for 10 months out of every year for a total of thirteen years.

When questioned how they managed to remain so passionately in love with one another for so many years, McCallum said that the key to their happiness was that they had discovered what the other person desired and made it their mission to ensure that they had it.

McCallum is a proud grandpa to eight grandkids, all of whom were born to his children from his relationship with Ireland and Carpenter.

It was difficult for him to devote much time to his family while he was at the pinnacle of his profession, but now that he is retired and his work is less demanding, he is able to spend more time with his grandkids.

While discussing his grandkids, McCallum revealed that he did not like being referred to be a grandpa; more specifically, he admitted the following:

“They refer to me as “granddaddy.” We don’t like it when you call me grandfather as it makes me seem old, yet I’m not elderly at all. And some of them even had the nerve to refer to me as grand-ducky.”

Despite the fact that he is not fond of the nicknames that were bestowed upon him, he enjoys nothing more than spending time with his wife, his children, and all of his grandchildren as he celebrates a life that has been full of excitement and achievement alongside the woman he has been married to for 55 years.


A loving couple adopts a young girl, and she receives her first birthday cake ever.The next day, she receives an unexpected windfall from her biological family

Melanie was six years old when she decided she wanted to start a family. She’d been in foster care since she was two years old, too little to remember her mother or father.

She frequently questioned herself: “What were their names? Did they have feelings for me?” She’d cry and mutter, “Why didn’t they want me?” But then something beautiful occurred, something Melanie had hoped for.

An assistant social worker and a young couple paid Melanie a visit. Melanie smiled as the man winked and beamed at her. Melanie had never seen such beautiful, caring eyes.

“This is Gordon and Helen,” the social worker introduced them. “They also want to adopt you.”

“They do?” said Melanie, then turned to the pair and inquired, “Why do you want to do that?”

When you least expect it, miracles happen.

Gordon, the male, was surprised by Melanie’s query, but Helen kneeled down and added, “We want to adopt you because we want the sweetest, funniest, and cutest girl in New York City to be our daughter.”

Melanie gave Helen a bright, warm, cheerful grin and wrapped her arms around her. She had discovered a family that desired her and was prepared to adore her for herself!

Melanie moved in with Gordon and Helen, where she realized that having parents was both beautiful and terrifying. That was amazing because you had two people constantly showering you with love and care.

It was dreadful because you had two people constantly showering you with love and attention and noting when you didn’t do things you were expected to do.

Melanie found out that she couldn’t get away with not doing her homework or doing any of the bad but fun things she’d done while living with her foster family. There were so many kids there that you could get away with anything.

You don’t get away with anything in a true family because people worry about you! That was a joyful epiphany, and when Helen informed Melanie she needed to tidy her room before supper, she burst out laughing and hugged her.

Helen burst out laughing. “I have more reprimands for you, Melanie!” she shouted.

“Please,” Melanie said. “Then I know you’re concerned!”

Six months passed, and life settled into a routine that suited the small family. They became acquainted. Melanie was aware that Gordon worked the night shift, so she avoided making any disturbance in the mornings. Gordon learned not to terrify Melanie with fake spiders because she was truly terrified, not just pretending to be terrified.

Helen discovered that Gordon and Melanie also like peanut butter cookies. They’d sit on the back porch and eat an entire jumbo package in five seconds, shoving the entire cookies into their mouths to see who could eat the fastest.

They all discovered what it was like to have a joyful family.

Then something terrible happened. Gordon was injured at work and had to stay in the hospital for many weeks. Helen became increasingly concerned as the days passed.

Melanie was a brilliant young lady. She was aware that physicians were expensive. When she heard Helen crying late at night, she crept into her bed and hugged her.

“Thank God for you, Melanie,” Helen would say softly before kissing her.

Gordon recovered and returned home, although he had to walk on crutches. That’s when the bills started rolling in. Helen piled them on the dresser and stared at them with concern. “We’ll figure it out,” Gordon murmured quietly.

“All of our funds are gone, Gordon,” she said quietly. “I’m terrified. It’s no longer just us. What if Melanie requires anything and we do not have the funds?”

Gordon encircled Helen with his arms. “Believe in God, my darling,” he said. “Melanie, what’s up with your melancholy expression? Isn’t there a stash of peanut butter cookies on the top shelf?”

Melanie awoke with a start one morning, bright and early. Someone had blasted the celebration whistle directly into her ear! She sprang awake and opened her eyes.

Her room was filled with balloons! Helen and Gordon (yep, he was awake!) were beaming and wearing funny party hats near the foot of the bed. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” they exclaimed.

Melanie began to smile. “I completely forgot it was my birthday!”


Randy Travis’ wife nursed him back to life despite being given a 1% chance of survival

Randy Travis and Mary Beougher (Davis) have one of the most well-known celebrity romances.

Some may have forgotten their tangled past, which allegedly began while they were both married.

Mary Beougher had two children with her then-husband, a dentist who used to treat Travis, and the country singer had previously married a lady called Mary Elizabeth “Lib” Hatcher, with whom he married in 1991 after dating for seven years.

They divorced when she realized he was having an affair with Beougher due to footage from a spy camera put on the brilliant singer’s tour van. He and his first wife divorced shortly after the news broke in 2011.

Travis and Beougher agreed to get back together after his divorce from Hatcher. They were engaged in 2013, but months later, the singer suffered a major stroke that immobilized his right side, interfering with his ability to move and communicate.

Travis said in a book co-written with Ken Abraham, “Forever and Ever, Amen: A Memoir of Music, Faith, and Braving the Storms of Life,” that he heard someone declare he wouldn’t make it while in a coma.

Randy said on the first page of the book that he got used to the constant buzzing of the devices even when he was in a coma. He urged people not to say anything nasty within hearing distance of someone in a coma since they are highly likely to hear them.

At the moment he entered the hospital, the physicians tasked with preserving his life had given him little hope of living. Despite the terrible predictions, his girlfriend continued to believe in him and refused to give up.

They were in the hospital for three weeks before being transported to a rehab clinic in Nashville when his lungs quit working. He’d gotten a staph infection, and his body had turned septic.

Travis, who had nearly been given up for dead, was ultimately able to sing again after years of trying.

He was always semiconscious and unable to breathe without the help of a machine during this period. He was in and out of a coma for six weeks, with a tracheostomy tube forced down his throat and his head wrapped with what he described as a “1920s football helmet.”

At that point, the doctors had given up hope, and they wanted Beougher to give up on him too by turning off his life support because they thought he would never get better.

Rather than making her own decision, Beougher begged Travis to tell her what he wanted, which made him strive as hard as he could to speak the words; nevertheless, nothing came of it but a single tear, which forced him to summon all of his power to grasp his wife’s hand, and just a little was enough.

Beougher confronted the physicians, telling them that the decision was not theirs to make and pushing them to focus on saving him instead. Travis confessed in the book that they both opted to place their confidence and faith in the God they worshiped, knowing that He still had plans for him.

His brain was fully functional when they went home shortly before Thanksgiving in 2013 after four months in the hospital. He was unable to answer coherently after that, so he had to learn how to do so again in speech therapy. He stated:

“We went to speech therapy for three months before I learned to utter the letter ‘A.’ After approximately a year and a half, I was able to say ‘yup,’ ‘nope,’ and ‘bathroom.’”

He went on to explain: “I could say “I love you” and a few other words, but not much else. All of this was tremendously upsetting for me; I felt trapped inside my body’s shell.”

He also had to relearn other important things, such as the many technologies we currently have. It takes Travis a long time to restore most of these abilities.

Throughout it all, though, the singer never saw himself as a victim. In his memoir, he described healing as a “redemption from above.”

Travis and Beougher saw no reason why they couldn’t get married while they improved, so they married but purposefully delayed informing the world until weeks later.

According to ABC News, the couple married on March 21, 2015, finally putting an end to their long-distance relationship.

That year, the singer attended the ACM Awards, but his presence was almost ignored by the audience until it was confirmed that he was there. That occurred after Lee Brice paid tribute to him by playing his popular song “Forever and Ever, Amen.”

Travis merely stood and waved that year, but at a similar event the next year, he opted to sing again. Travis had spent years trying, but he was finally able to sing again.

This occurred during the Nashville ceremony to induct him and five others into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

He sang a brief performance of Amazing Grace, drawing tears and rousing acclaim from the audience, which gave him a standing ovation as soon as he finished.

Travis wrote the song to convey his thanks for the heartfelt tribute members of the country music community had just paid to him.

The annual event was held in the 800-seat CMA Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. In addition to Travis, singer-songwriter Charlie Daniels and producer Fred Foster were recognized.


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